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Uses of DNA Technology

Employments of DNA Technology Presentation DNA composing was first utilized in Great Britain for law requirement purposes in the mid-1980s and has altered measurable science and the capacity of law authorization to coordinate culprits with wrongdoing scenes. It wasnt utilized in the United States until 1987. DNA profiling has changed measurable science. DNA innovation has given police and the courts a methods for recognizing the suspects of assaults and murders. A huge number of cases have been shut and honest suspects liberated with liable ones rebuffed due to the intensity of a quiet organic observer at the wrongdoing scene. Today, the Federal Bureau of Investigation plays out the greater part of the criminological DNA composing for neighborhood and state law implementation offices. In criminal examinations, DNA from tests of hair, natural liquids or skin at a wrongdoing scene is contrasted and those acquired from suspected suspects. ( ‘DNA fingerprinting, or DNA composing (profiling) as it is currently known, was first depicted in 1985 by an English geneticist named Alec Jeffreys. Dr Jeffreys found that specific districts of DNA contained DNA groupings that were rehashed again and again close to one another. He additionally found that the quantity of rehashed areas present in an example could contrast from individual to person. By building up a strategy to inspect the length variety of these DNA rehash groupings, Dr Jeffreys made the capacity to perform human personality tests. (John Butler, 2005) Sir Alec John Jeffreys, was brought into the world 9 January 1950 at Oxford in Oxfordshire. He is an educator of hereditary qualities at theUniversity of Leicester, and he turned into a privileged freeman of the City of Leicester on 26 November 1992. (Leicester City Council, 1992) In 1994, he was knighted by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, for Services to Science and Technology. Jeffreys had an aha second in his lab in Leicester in the wake of taking a gander at the X-beam film picture of a DNA analyze at 9:05 am on Monday 10 September 1984, which out of the blue indicated the two likenesses and contrasts between the DNA of various individuals from his experts family. (BBC Radio, December 9, 2007) Within about thirty minutes, he understood the conceivable extent of DNA fingerprinting, which utilizes varieties in the hereditary code to recognize people. The strategy has gotten significant in measurable science to help police criminologist work, and it has additionally demonstrated valuable in settling paternity and migration debates. (BBC Radio, December 9, 2007) The strategy can likewise be applied to non-human species, for instance in untamed life populace hereditary qualities considers. Before his strategies were marketed in 1987 his research facility was the main community doing DNA fingerprinting on the planet, and during this time of around a few years it was exceptionally occupied with, getting requests from everywhere throughout the globe. (Neston, Giles February 2, 2004) The procedure utilized by Dr Jeffreys to look at the VNTRs was called limitation part length polymorphism (RFLP) on the grounds that it included the utilization of a limitation compound to cut the districts of DNA encompassing the VNTRs. This RFLP strategy was first used to help in an English movement case and presently to unravel a twofold crime case. Since that time, human personality testing utilizing DNA composing strategies has been boundless. The previous 25 years have seen enormous development in the utilization of DNA proof in wrongdoing scene examinations just as paternity testing. Today more than 100 open scientific research facilities and a few dozen private paternity testing labs direct a huge number of DNA tests yearly in the United States. Moreover, most nations in Europe and Asia have scientific DNA programs. The quantity of research centers the world over directing DNA testing will keep on developing as the procedure gains in ubiquity inside the law implementation network. (John Butler, 2005) How DNA Typing Is Done Only one-tenth of a solitary percent of DNA (around 3 million bases) varies starting with one individual then onto the next. (Web Source, 2009) Scientists can utilize these variable locales to create a DNA profile of an individual, utilizing tests from blood, bone, hair, and other body tissues and items. In criminal cases, this by and large includes acquiring tests from wrongdoing scene proof and a suspect, extricating the DNA, and breaking down it for the nearness of a lot of explicit DNA areas (markers). Researchers discover the markers in a DNA test by structuring little bits of DNA (tests) that will each search out and tie to an integral DNA succession in the example. A progression of tests bound to a DNA test makes an unmistakable example for a person. Scientific researchers contrast these DNA profiles with decide if the speculates test coordinates the proof example. A marker without anyone else for the most part isn't remarkable to an individual; assuming, in any c ase, two DNA tests are indistinguishable at four or five districts, chances are extraordinary that the examples are from a similar individual. In the event that the example profiles dont coordinate, the individual didn't contribute the DNA at the wrongdoing scene. In the event that the examples coordinate, the suspect may have contributed the proof example. While quite possibly another person has a similar DNA profile for a specific test set, the chances are exceedingly thin. Numerous appointed authorities look at this as an issue for a jury to mull over alongside other proof for the situation. (Web Source, 2009) Experts bring up that utilizing DNA criminological innovation is far better than onlooker accounts, where the chances for right recognizable proof are about 50:50. The more tests utilized in DNA examination, the more prominent the chances for a one of a kind example and against a circumstantial match, yet each extra test adds significantly to the time and cost of testing. Four to six tests are suggested. Testing with a few additional tests will get normal, watched John Hicks (Internet Source, 2009). He anticipated that DNA chip innovation will empower significantly more fast, economical investigations utilizing a lot more tests and raising the chances against adventitious matches. Sorts of DNA Technologies Limitation Fragment Length Polymorphism RFLP is a strategy utilized by sub-atomic researcher to follow a specific arrangement of DNA as it is given to different cells. RFLPs can be utilized in a wide range of settings to achieve various targets. RFLPs can be utilized in paternity cases or criminal cases to decide the wellspring of a DNA test. RFLPs can be utilized decide the ailment status of a person. RFLPs can be utilized to quantify recombination rates which can prompt a hereditary guide with the separation between RFLP loci estimated in centiMorgans. (Web Source, 2009) Total DNA is first separated from the microbial network and the16S rRNA geneâ is enhanced from tests utilizing fluorescently-marked forward and invert groundworks. Next, the PCR item is cleansed and exposed to limitation compound absorption with proteins that have 4 base pair acknowledgment destinations. This progression produces fluorescently-named terminal limitation sections. The processed items are then isolated and recognized on a suitable electrophoresis stage. For a given example the terminal parts will contain a fluorescent name at the 5 end and will along these lines be recognized. The yield will be a progression of pinnacles (parts) of different sizes and statures that speaks to the profile of that example. (Osborn, A. M., Moore, R.B. what's more, Timmis, K.N., 2000) Polymerase chain response PCR is utilized to make a great many precise of DNA from a natural example. DNA intensification with PCR permits DNA examination on organic examples as little as a couple of skin cells. A polymerase is a normally happening protein, a natural macromolecule that catalyzes the arrangement and fix of DNA (and RNA). The method was made conceivable by the disclosure of Taq polymerase, the DNA polymerase that is utilized by the bacterium Thermus auquaticus that was found in natural aquifers. This DNA polymerase is steady at the high temperatures need to play out the intensification, though other DNA polymerases become denatured. Since this strategy includes enhancement of DNA, the most clear use of the technique is in the discovery of minute measures of explicit DNAs. This is significant in the recognition of low level bacterial contaminations or quick changes in translation at the single cell level, just as the identification of a particular people DNA in scientif ic science. It can likewise be utilized in DNA sequencing, screening for hereditary scatters, site explicit transformation of DNA, or cloning or subcloning of cDNAs. (Web Source, 2009) Short couple rehash STR innovation is utilized to assess explicit areas (loci) inside atomic DNA. Inconstancy in STR locales can be utilized to recognize one DNA profile from another. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) utilizes a standard arrangement of 13 explicit STR districts for CODIS. CODIS is a product program that works nearby, state, and national databases of DNA profiles from indicted guilty parties, unsolved wrongdoing scene proof, and missing people. The chances that two people will have a similar 13-loci DNA profile is around one out of many. (Web Source, 2009) The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has picked 13 explicit STR loci to fill in as the standard for CODIS. The reason for building up a center arrangement of STR loci is to guarantee that every single scientific research facility can set up uniform DNA databases and, all the more critically, share significant legal data. In the event that the criminological or indicted guilty party CODIS li st is to be utilized in the analytical phases of unsolved cases, DNA profiles must be produced by utilizing STR innovation and the particular 13 center STR loci chose by the FBI. (Web Source, 2009) Mitochondrial DNA examination mtDNA can be utilized to look at the DNA from tests that can't be broke down by RFLP or STR. Atomic DNA must be extricated from tests for use in RFLP, PCR, and STR; notwithstanding, mtDNA analy

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Smoking, Gender, Sick Role Essay Example for Free

Smoking, Gender, Sick Role Essay How would you believe that smoking and sex is connected? For what reason do you believe that men/ladies smoke despite the fact that it is known as a dangerous practice? Notwithstanding the invade and practically old hat disclaimer from government reminding the overall population that â€Å"cigarette smoking can be perilous to your health,† many individuals like to think and additionally act in any case. While smoking is viewed as commonly terrible or truth be told, loathsome, and met with appall by a few, it is regardless recognized in the public eye as something moderately adequate or endured. Its social agreeableness lies in various angles or perspectives. Most smokers accept, for example, that taking in nicotine and consumed paper helps in the midst of pressure, and that cigarettes help them unwind. Individuals smoke to clear their heads and think. Individuals smoke when they feel cold, or tired, or forlorn, irate, or to mingle, etc. Smoking, such as drinking, has become a successful outlet by which individuals mingle and vent, and they do, in spite of the quantity of infections that insights guarantee each pack of cigarettes come pre-bundled with. More than being incited by the said factors, the occasion of cigarette smoking has come to relate and characterize ones sex and sexuality. Smoking is commonly acknowledged among men as something which by one way or another insists their manliness. Cigarette smoking in ladies is viewed as a sign or image of refinement, regardless of what the inverse may suggest. Youths generally, take a critical proclivity and jumping at the chance to rehearses thought about awful or unsuitable, and smoking is effectively one of them. These ideas and pictures dug in the public arena, just as the recently counted factors identifying with its legitimacy or worthiness adds to the occurrence that is cigarette smoking; the advantages of which seem to exceed negative ramifications, of different sicknesses and infections which could possibly result from its training. 2. What is wiped out job? Portray the wiped out job versus birthing in Turkey. An idea achieved by Talcott Parsons in 1961, a debilitated job is a conduct that an individual is required or not expected to perform inside his/her commitments to society in case of an ailment or sickness which cripples him/her from doing as such. Parsons idea of the wiped out job manages a wiped out individual the option to be absolved from typical jobs endorsed in the public eye, and the opportunity not be considered liable for their condition. The wiped out people just commitments then again, are to condition themselves into recouping from the said ailment, and to locate a capable specialist or doctor which would take care of their specific ailment or diseases. In Turkey, culture and custom requests that a ladies who has quite recently conceived an offspring isn't permitted to go out in the degree of forty days from the time shes conceived an offspring. She isn't to be disregarded and is to be gone to inside the forty days in which she is bound to her home. The said culture and custom mirrors Parsons idea of debilitated job, and absolves a lady who has quite recently experienced labor the fundamental and appropriate obligations and commitments society warrants from her by limiting her to the limits of her own home, necessitating that she rests, be breast fed back to wellbeing, and that's it. References Dichter Ernest. â€Å"Why Do We Smoke? † http://smokingsides. com/docs/whysmoke. html 10 January 2008. Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Culture and Tourism. â€Å"Culture and Beliefs. † http://www. kultur. gov. tr/10 Jan 2008. â€Å"The Sick Role. † http://www. diligio. com/sick_role. htm 10 January 2

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Specialty Hospitals Essay Example for Free

Claim to fame Hospitals Essay Claim to fame Hospitals: A Problem or a Symptom? Strength clinics are not another thing. Be that as it may, as the quantity of claim to fame clinics builds there is an inquiry regarding their monetary effect on the network medical clinics. This paper talks about the consequences of two congressionally commanded provides details regarding claim to fame emergency clinics. Principle Concerns about Specialty Hospitals: 1. Clinical choices made by doctor proprietors may be twisted by budgetary impetuses 2. Claim to fame emergency clinics treat less perplexing, increasingly beneficial cases 3. Forte clinics don't treat uninsured or underinsured patients 4. Understanding determination by forte medical clinics harms network emergency clinics Congressionally Mandated Reports: The MedPAC report: Some of the positive discoveries as per MedPAC examination on strength clinics are: better authority over medical clinic tasks, progressively sorted out timetable time in the working room, operation’s room adequacy, and increasingly fruitful collaboration with the staff. Likewise, MedPAC couldn't demonstrate that the distinction in monetary execution influences productivity at strength emergency clinics. One of the primary worries that MedPAC had found was that if the quantity of the claim to fame emergency clinics increments altogether network medical clinics could lose a ton of their patients. The other issue that MedPAC announced was that claim to fame emergency clinics are bound to treat progressively beneficial patients. So as to improve installment exactness, MedPAC prescribed to refine of DRG’s and to change the manner in which the DRG relative loads are determined. MedPAC likewise prescribed to expand the ban until 1 January 2007 and to give HHS option to allow increase sharing courses of action among doctors and emergency clinics so as to secure the nature of care and lessening the money related misjudging. The HHS report: Results of the report indicated that network emergency clinics had more confused heart patients than in cardiovascular claim to fame medical clinics. Be that as it may, cardiovascular medical clinics had as great or far better consideration than care at their rival emergency clinics, understanding fulfillment was high, rooms were bigger and more quit, nourishment was better, and claim to fame clinics had dozing spaces for the relatives. The absolute extent of overall gain gave to uncompensated consideration and charges consolidates surpassed the network hospitals’ net income for uncompensated consideration. HHS proposals were equivalent to MedPAC suggestions. End: The contradiction over forte emergency clinics much more calls attention to that the installment framework and the social insurance financing framework need huge improvement. Something that should be possible is to reevaluate the position and potential status of offices that apply to be dealt with. Likewise, the different installment frameworks could give reliable installments to comparable administrations across settings which would diminish the job of monetary motivators. Every one of these proposition have been examined before, nonetheless, they all have been difficult to develop and apply. Inquiries to class conversation: 1.

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Benefits and Limitation of Robotics Research Paper - 550 Words

Benefits and Limitation of Robotics (Research Paper Sample) Content: Benefits and Limitation of RoboticsNameInstitutionBenefits and Limitation of RoboticsBenefits and limitation of robotics for organizationThe robots in industry may help lessen manufacturing expense, increase efficiency, profitability, and standardizing products to the same value for a continuous period. Human labor may also be avoided for repetitive, boring, and risky tasks, and is vital for making initiative choices like quality control.Industrial computerized robots have the ability to significantly enhance the quality of product. Applications are done with accuracy and high repeatability regularly. This level of constancy may be hard to attain in another way. Alongside robots, throughput speed increase, which specifically affects production. Since an automated robot will work at a consistent rate without stopping for breaks, vacation, sleep, it will possibly produce more as compared to a human labor.Robots will increase workplace safety. Employees are transferred t o supervisory functions where they generally will not need to perform hazardous applications in risky settings. Improved Employee safety contributes to financial savings. Hence, there are less healthcare and insurance awareness for employers. Interfaced robots also give untiring execution which saves precious time. Their performances are always precise and minimizing material waste (Craig, 2005).The first investment to incorporate automated robots into business is important, particularly when entrepreneurs are confining their purchases to modern automated equipment. The price of robotic automation ought to be calculated considering a business à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"greater financial planà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬. Regular maintenance needs may have a budgetary toll also. Integrating industrial robots doesnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬t permit outcomes. Without planning, organizations can have difficulty in attaining their objectives. Workers will need training program and adapt to the new automated equipment. This typicall y is time consuming and financial outputBenefits and Limitation of robotics for individualsCurrently, our world is encompassed by the high innovation so a number of individuals came up with the different types of technology one being the robot. Robot have become the clone of the individuals since it can perform what the individual can as well perform, and the individuals operates the robots (Craig, 2005). As of now, the robots controls the mind of the individuals so as to manipulate the mankind. Base on what I have watched in the TV the robots do anything. Nowadays, most of the people rely on the robots that it may work as human may work. There are robots emulated the emotions and feeling of the people and they entertain the individuals (Gutkind, 2006).Robots save employers from performing hazardous tasks. They will work in dangerous conditions, for example, tight space, toxic chemicals, or poor lighting. They are able to lift heavy loads without tiring or injury. Robots increase em ployer safety by avoiding accidents since people are not performing dangerous tasks. Robots have created new employments for the individuals who were at one time on production lines with automation. They have pulled workers from monotonous, repetitive tasks and place them in better, more difficult ones.These days, there are...

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Dostoevsky s Crime And Punishment - 1676 Words

Throughout the novel, Crime and Punishment, the prime focus is the continuous struggle between good and evil. Characters like Raskolnikov, Marmeladov, Sonya, and Svidrigailov would be considered horrible people upon first glance, but when you dig deeper they each possess goodness despite their wrongdoings. However, Each character possess different levels of morality, some more than others. Dostoevsky exposes these different levels between characters like Sonya and Svidrigailov. The novel starts of with Raskolnikov entering into collusion with evil. He is taken over by it and lets evil enter his soul. Nevertheless, Raskolnikov’s ultimate responsibility is never denied by Dostoevsky. In fact, he shows that Raskolnikov must reclaim his soul†¦show more content†¦He becomes disgusted with the fact that he would â€Å"really take an axe† and crack her head open (page 78). He prays to the lord, â€Å"show me the way and I shall give up this - this damnable dream of mine!† (page 79). However, after the incident â€Å"his casuistry was as sharp as a razor, and he could no longer find any conscious objections to his plans in his mind (page 89). There is a scene in the novel where a student talks to an officer in the restaurant about potentially murdering the old woman. The officer asks the student if he could ever kill her himself. To which the student replies, â€Å"Of course not! I was merely discussing the question from the point of view of justice. Personally I’d have nothing to do with it† (page 85). Raskolnikov overhears this conversation and of course the question that was posed by the officer was theoretical, but Raskolnikov is intrigued by it. The students logic matches up with Raskolnikov’s psychology, pushing the idea further into his head that there is justice in killing the old woman. Which further settled his plan, especially after he previously learned that â€Å"at exactly seven o’clock the old woman would be entirely alone in the house.† He went home, feeling like â€Å"a man sentenced to death...with all his being that he no longer possessed any freedom of reasoning or of will, and that everything was suddenly and irrevocably settled† (page 81). On the way to the

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The Effects Of Change And Re Evaluation Of The Process And...

Feedback about the effects of the change and re-evaluation of the process and the expected outcomes is vital and coincides with the quality improvement activities within the practice (Dontje, 2007). Setting The EBP will be conducted in Providence Hospital (PH), a 408-bed facility in Washington, DC that offers care in a variety of medical specialties (Bariatric Services and Wellness programs, Behavioral Health, Cardiology, Diabetes, Emergency Services, Geriatric Medicine, Oncology and Orthopedics). The EBP will use six of the 14 nursing units to pilot the proposed intervention. The pilot six nursing units will be chosen after a review of the hospital’s patient handling workers compensation claims that occurred during the previous year. The†¦show more content†¦Data Collection Methods Study participants will use paper and pencil to complete the Keele STarT Back Screening Tool (SBST). The SBST is a simple prognostic questionnaire that helps the lead EBP investigator to identify modifiable risk factors (biomedical, psychological and social) for back pain disability for participants 40 years of age and older. The SBST takes approximately 2 minutes to complete. Keele University, the creator of the SBST, grants permission for the tool to be used from its website â€Å"use of this tool is free and open to all - no license is required†. However, when using the tool, Keele University asked that copyright and funding statement is maintained at all times. The SBST has 9 questions about predictors for persistent disabling back pain that includes radiating leg pain, pain elsewhere, disability (2 items), fear, anxiety, pessimistic patient expectations, low mood, and how much the patient is bothered by their pain (Keele University, 2008). All 9-items use a response format of ‘agree or ‘disagree , with exception of the last question, which uses a Likert scale. The Keele SBST produces two scores: overall (total score) and distress (psych) sub-scale score. The scores stratify patients into low, medium, or high risk categories. The 9-item clinical measurement tool is designed to help the lead EBP investigator to

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Shortage Of Labor Essay Example For Students

Shortage Of Labor Essay One of the major concerns of todays companies is the shortage of labor,especially in management. The baby boomers are nearing retirement age in theUnited States and the birth rate is dropping. These circumstances, coupled withthe booming economy are the main causes of the labor shortage. There is a highdemand for labor but the once seemingly bottomless pool of employees andmanagers that companies drew from has started to dry up. What are the factorsthat contributed to the problem and how are todays corporations going to handlethis problem? The type of labor needed in todays society has been undergoing aconstant change. There is an increase in demand for workers but there is a muchgreater demand for educated white-collar workers, especially managementmaterial. Projections state that the growth in managerial positions willincrease 20% by the year 2010 yet the population aged 35-50 will decrease nearly10%. What these figures say is the already diminishing supply of executives isgoing to dwindle even more over the next 10 years. There is a shortage ofblue-collar workers now and there will also be an even greater shortage of themin the future. In order for employers to find people who are willing to performunskilled, repetitive jobs they are going to have to be willing to raise thelevel of compensation offered to employees. If McDonalds needs someone to fliphamburgers they better be prepared to pay double to triple minimum wage. Thereare a wide variety of employment opportunities and todays workforce can affordto be selective when choosing a job. The demand for employees is high while thesupply is low. The figures on the change in average population ages and growthin industrialized nations is beginning to make the corporate world stand up andtake notice. If the trends continue as they have been for the past thirty years,the shortage of labor is going to continually get worse with each year thatpasses. The predictions from the United States Census Bureau state that b etween1990 and 2000 the increase of the American population over 60 will be 10.5% butin 2010 to 2020, the increase will be 32.5%. The change in the 60 pluspopulation in the United States is projected to nearly triple in thirty years. Compare these figures to the increase in under sixty-year-old population. From1990 to 2000, the increase in under sixty year olds will be 6.5% and it isprojected to drop to 2.8% by 2010. If you look at the changes in the workplaceyou will see that the average age of an employee is steadily rising as theaverage age of retirement continues to drop. The projected increase in 55-64year olds in the workforce from 1996 to 2006 is a staggering 54%. The projectedchange in the 25-34 year old bracket is -8.8%. These trends are not only true inthe United States. Japan is also going to be coping with similar problems. Todaythe people over age 65 compose 16% of Japans population, but by the year 2020it is projected that percentage will soar to 26.3%. Japan, just like the UnitedStates is going to have to attempt to retain some of this group in the workforceto compensate for the continually falling birthrate in their country. Thisproblem is very true in Europe too. Since 1995 Germany, France and It aly haveexperienced a continual fall in working population ages 15-64. This trend isprojected to continue into the year 2000. Our aging population is also choosingto retire much earlier than they once did. This is a factor contributing to thestrong economy we are enjoying now. The old are growing older, living longer andthey are healthier than ever. Breakthroughs in medicine have enabled people tolive much longer. The advancements our pharmaceutical companies research anddevelopment departments have made are staggering. Diseases that once were adeath sentence are curable. Organs that are failing in the human body can bereplaced or rebuilt. There are even some types of cancer that are consideredcurable. These things were not true twenty years ago. There also is a trend inthis country towards remaining healthy. Americans are taking much better care ofthemselves; there is a genuine concern towards health. People are not smoking asmuch as they did in previous decades and there is a tren d towards exercise. Wetake vitamins, we go out for a weekend run or bike ride and we are eatinghealthier. All these factors contribute to a longer life expectancy and a risingdemand for products and services. Another major contributor was the big push inthe eighties, out with the old, in with the new school of thought,forcing the older management and executives into early retirement has left thecompanies of today in dire need of top caliber people. This coupled with thefact that each year more and more baby boomers decide to retire early. The gainsthe baby boomers stand to receive far outweigh the costs in most cases. Their401k plans and stock options have sky rocketed in value because of the strongeconomy we have been experiencing for nearly twenty years now. Todays olderworking population has the choice to continue working or retire because for themost part, they are financially sound. Many are choosing the retirement option. Acl Injuries In Athletes (1675 words) EssayBibliographyGrey Dawn by Peter Peterson Center for Strategic andInternational Studies Newsweek magazine Business Week magazine The Economistmagazine St Petersburg Times Newspaper The United States Census Bureau CNN.comEconomics