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Chapter 12 Essays

Chapter 12 Essays Chapter 12 Essay Chapter 12 Essay Chapter 12 13 1. A sales manager collected the following data on salespersons’ annual sales and years of experience. Years of Annual Sales Salesperson Experience ($1000s) 1 1 80 2 3 97 3 4 92 4 4 102 5 6 103 6 8 111 7 10 119 8 10 123 9 11 117 10 13 136 a. Develop a scatter diagram for these data with years of experience as the independent variable. b. Develop an estimated regression equation that can be used to predict annual sales given the years of experience. c. Use the estimated regression equation to predict annual sales for a salesperson with nine years of experience. 2. Dianes Beauty Salon is currently hiring beauticians at its new location in a popular mall. Diane wants to know what commission percentage to pay the beauticians based on experience. A survey of 12 licensed beauticians was taken with the following results. Commission Years of Commission Years of Percentage (y) Experience (x) Percentage (y) Experience (x) 24 2 25 4 18 1 44 12 30 5 33 8 41 10 24 3 35 8 20 1 35 7 40 10 a. Find the least squares line equation. b. What percentage of the variation in commission percentage is explained by the variation in years of experience? . Interpret the coefficient value for years of experience in the least squares equation. d. Estimate the commission percentage for a beautician with 6 years of experience. 3. Jensen Tire Auto is in the process of deciding whether to purchase a maintenance con- tract for its new computer wheel alignment and balancing machine. Managers feel that maintenance expense should be related to usage, and they collected the follo wing information on weekly usage (hours) and annual maintenance expense (in hundreds of dollars). Want to get a price estimate for your Essay? Deadline Paper type Essay (Any Type) Admission Essay Annotated Bibliography Argumentative Essay Article Review Book/Movie Review Business Plan Case Study Coursework Creative Writing Critical Thinking Presentation or Speech Research Paper Research Proposal Term Paper Thesis Other Article (Any Type) Content (Any Type) Q&A Capstone Project Dissertation Lab Report Scholarship Essay Math Problem Statistic Project Research Summary Assignment Dissertation chapter Speech Dissertation chapter: Abstract Dissertation chapter: Introduction Dissertation chapter: Hypothesis Dissertation chapter: Literature Review Dissertation chapter: Methodology Dissertation chapter: Analysis/Results Dissertation chapter: Discussion Dissertation chapter: Conclusion Dissertation Proposal Thesis Statement Thesis Proposal Application Essay Pages 550 words(double spaced) 126 writers online Check Price A limited time offer! Get custom paper sample written according to your requirements urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order now Chapter 12 Paper Hydrologists the scientists who study Earth’s waters, evapotranspiration A little less than two-thirds of the rain that falls on land evaporates back to the atmosphere from land surfaces and plant leaves The water balance coefficient is a general index of the availability of water in a particular region. It is calculated by subtracting potential evaporation from rainfall. In arid regions, water balance coefficientsare negative. In the world’s deserts, for example, they vary between –200 and –300 cm (–79 and –118 in.).In the humid rain forests of the world, water balance coefficients are positive and can exceed 400 cm (158 in.). In general, forests grow where water balance coefficients are positive; savannas, grasslands, and deserts are found in regions where coefficients are negative. A watershed is the area of land from which rainfall drains into a river or lake. Watersheds are also called drainage basins. Open watersheds are drained by rivers that eventually make their way to the sea. Closed watersheds are inland basins that do not drain to the sea. nonconsumptive uses Activities that use water and then return it to streams or aquifers are said to be this. Such as, hydroelectric power and wastewater in septic systems consumptive uses In other activities, such as irrigation and industrial cooling, a considerable amount of water evaporates into the atmosphere. These activities are said to be this because much of the water is not returned to streams or aquifers. water table the underground depth where rock and sediment are completely saturated with water. recharge zone is an area where water flows directly between the soil surface and the water table. unconfined Aquifers located beneath recharge zones are said to be this confined In other aquifers, groundwater is trapped between layers of comparatively impermeable rock or sediment; such aquifers are said to be this discharge zones Groundwater flows to the surface in these. In places where a confined aquifer meets the soil surface, water may flow out freely in a seep or spring. an artesian well Sometimes a well is drilled into a confined aquifer where the groundwater is under great pressure from the weight of the water above it. The pressure causes the water to rise above the confining layer, without the need for pumping. Such a well is called this. hydrophytes Some species of plants have adaptations that allow them to grow in these anaerobic soils; these plants are called these. Marshes are periodically or continuously flooded wetlands that are dominated by herbaceous plants, including grasses, rushes, reeds, and cattails. Swamps are dominated by shrubs or trees and fed by flowing water. Forested swamps are found in the broad floodplains of many of the world’s major rivers. Bogs The primary source of water in bogs is rainfall. Bogs are wetlands with peat deposits that support a variety of evergreen trees and shrubs. Fens are wetlands that are fed primarily by groundwater. They have peaty soils that typically support a variety of grasses and grasslike rushes, as well as occasional patches of woody vegetation. Florida Everglades Irrigation efficiency is the percentage of the water applied to fields that is actually used by crop plants.Agricultural scientists estimate that average irrigation efficiency of cropland is less than 40%. desalination The process of removing salts and other chemicals from seawater is called this. distillation boiling water and condensing the steam, reverse osmosis filtering water through a selective membrane

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Sustainable Management of Natural Resources Essay

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources - Essay Example Evidently, the deterioration of human resources emanates from the negligence of human beings. Poor cultivation methods, pollution, and deforestation have all led to wastage of important resources. Since human beings are the major contributors to the destruction of natural resources, it is their commitment that is essential in preventing the problem. Therefore, the current crisis of natural resource is something that can be collectively blamed on human beings. The members of the public must work closely with the government in engaging innovative management of natural resources. In my opinion, I have always felt that the issues of sustainability are exaggerated and that the world is still a habitable place. My focus has been a short-term perception while overlooking the long-term consequences of failing to manage natural resources such as forests, land and water bodies. However, through my course, I have learned that the world is already in a crisis and the future holds a great danger for the survival of the society. For instance, the intergovernmental panel on climate change predicted that the glaciers at the Himalayas would melt by the year 2035. At the same time, the African countries are suffering from the shortage of water because of rivers drying due to increased temperatures. In addition, the cancer levels in the world are expected to rise due to increase in ultraviolet rays that are responsible for skin cancer. These projections point out that the global warming effects will penetrate deep into the future of the world and the consequences will be severe to the human population. Economically, the climate changes will result in a fall economic levels by about 0.5% to 2% across the world (Skinner 23-34). Surprisingly, I learned that human activities are responsible for all these harmful changes.  

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Effects of Technology on Advertising Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Effects of Technology on Advertising - Essay Example Advertisements are the main sources of revenue for the conventional or old media outlets. Old media refers to the basic media of mass communication which include television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. In radio and television, the cost of an advert is determined by the time the advert takes to run on air, the time of the day in which the advert is played, and more importantly, the coverage of the media. An international media outlet such as the BBC and the CNN charge higher especially for their prime time than local media, which would more often run adverts on local products. For newspapers and magazines, the price of the advert is determined by the paper space occupied by the advert. Full-page adverts are more expensive than mere columns of texts and graphics. Furthermore, newspapers charge on the importance of the page on which the advert is placed. The first pages are more costly than the inner hidden pages that not every reader would pay much attention to (Bogomolova, 2011) . Advertisements improve brand visibility thereby possibly improving sales of the product or dispensation of a service. Companies invest extensively in advertisements of their products and services. This is because advertisements form the basis of competition for companies operating in the manufacture or sales of similar products or provision of similar services. Before settling for the use of a particular media to run adverts, companies consider a number of factors which include costs and the effectiveness of advertising through the media. Not all companies would find essence in advertising in international media such as the BBC; smaller companies that produce and sell products in smaller geographical locations prefer the use of local media since they reach their target market unlike the CNN and the BBC. The region and scope of operation forms the greatest factor considered by most companies in search of advertisers. Cost affectivity is achieved when the amount invested in advertisem ents achieves the purpose by giving the brand the projected visibility in the market. Companies will always be willing to spend as much money as possible on advertisement provided the investment on advertisement resonates in improved visibility thereby improving the sale of their products (Frey, 1956). New Media New media is a phrase coined to refer to the use of the internet to gather, package, and distribute information to a large audience, which is synonymous to journalism. The advent of the internet literally transformed various aspects in reference to human life. Every industry got affected with the use of internet and the digital media. It introduced new concepts on the previously existing industries. In journalism and mass communication, the internet introduced the aspect of online journalism. Online journalism refers to the use of computer networks key among which is the internet in the gathering, packaging, or processing and the dissemination of information to an increasing ly computer literate audience. This new type of journalism influenced the previous old media by changing some of the rules of journalism that had determined news access and mass communication in general, which included advertisements as well. Among some of the key changes introduced by this new media include

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How to Run Essay Example for Free

How to Run Essay STATISTICAL TECHNIQUE IN REVIEW Mean (X) is a measure of central tendency and is the sum of the raw scores divided by the number of scores being summed. Standard deviation (SD) is calculated to measure dispersion or the spread of scores from the mean (Burns Grove, 2007). The larger the value of the standard deviation for study variables, the greater the dispersion or variability of the scores for the variable in a distribution. (See Exercise 16 for a detailed discussion of mean and standard deviation. ) Since the theoretical normal curve is symmetrical and unimodal, the mean, median, and mode are equal in the normal curve (see Figure 18-1). In the normal curve, 95% of the scores will be within 1.96 standard deviations of the mean, and 99% of scores are within 2.58 standard deviations of the mean. Figure 18-1 demonstrates the normal curve, with a.X = 0. The formula used to calculate the 95% rule to determine where 95% of the scores for the normal curve lie is: X ±1.96(SD) The formula used to calculate the 99% rule to determine where 99% of the scores for the normal curve lie is: X  ± 2.58 (SD) FIGURE 18-1 †¢ The Normal Curve Mean Median Mode Standard deviation -3 Zscore -2.58 -+2.58 131 133 Mean, Standard Deviation, and 95% and 99% of the Normal Curve EXERCISE 18 Participants reported a net increase in weight from 3 months prior (M= 2.4 Ib, SD 12.9 Ib) and 12 months prior (M = 10.9 Ib, SD = 19.1 Ib) and that their weight was greater than their ideal weight (M = 9.2 Ib, SD = 22.9 Ib). SDs for the data indicated a wide range on weight at both 3 and 12 months before participation in the study. Body image scores (0-100 scale) were significantly (F(1 37) = 5.41, p =.03) higher for women (73.1  ± 17.0) than men (60.2  ± 17.0). Although HIV-positive participants had slightly higher body image scores (M = 68.0, SD = 17.0) compared with participants with AIDS (M = 60.5, SD = 18.8), there was no significant difference (F(1 ,7, = 1.56, p —.22) in body image scores between [those with HIV and AIDS]. There was a weak, but significant, inverse association between body image score and weight changes from 3 months prior (r = -.30, p =.04). Body image and weight scores are summarized in Table 1 (Corless et al, 2004, p. 294). TABLE 1 Body Image and Weight Measures for Men and Women GENDER Male Female Mean Body image Weight change last 12 months Weight change last 3 months Weight relative to ideal Body weight ratio SD Mean SD 60.22 10.26 16.98 22.40 15.87 22,93 33.97 73.07 11.94 1.47 13.63 14.44 67.56 22.57 34.44 3.05 5.48 53.66 16.93 7.32 Corless, I. B., Nicholas, P. K., McGibbon, C. A., Wilson, C., (2004). Weight change, body image, and quality of life in HIV disease: A pilot study. Applied Nursing Research, 77(4), p. 294. A summary of quality-of-life scores for men and women is shown in Table 2. The scales of the MOS-HIV Quality of Life instrument include General Health Perceptions, Physical Functioning, Role Functioning, Social Functioning, Cognitive Functioning, Pain, Mental Health, Vitality, Health Distress, Quality of Life, and Heath Transition. There were no significant differences between quality of life scores between men and women. Men did have lower scores on some MOS-HIV scales (Cognitive Functioning, Pain, Quality of Life, and Health Transition) and women were lower on others (Vitality and Health Distress). In addition, there were a number of differences in the relationships between quality of life scores, body image, and body weight. The positive correlations indicated that improved quality of life was associated with improved body image (Corless et al., 2004, pp. 294-5). 132 EXERCISE 18 Mean, Standard Deviation, and 95% and 99% of the Normal Curve The data described below are the verbal SAT scores for high school seniors for one year with X = 490 and SD =100 (see Figure 18-2). The formula used to find where 95% of the scores lie is X  ± 1.96 (SD). In this example, 490 + 1.96 (100) = 686, and 490 1.96 (100) = 294. Thus 95% of scores lie between 294 and 686, expressed as (294, 686). Since 95% of the scores are between 294 and 686, this leaves 5% of the scores outside this interval. Since a normal curve is symmetric, one-half of the scores, or 2.5%, are at each end of this distribution. To find where 99% of scores lie,Z  ± 2.58 (SD), where 490 + 2.58 (100) = 748  and 490 2.58 (100) = 232. Thus, 99% of the SAT scores lie between 232 and 748, which is expressed as (232, 748). Since the distribution of these scores is normal, 99% of the scores are between 232 and 748 and 0.5% of the scores are at each end of this distribution. FIGURE 18-2 ft Distribution of SAT Scores SD=100 x = 490 Mean RESEARCH ARTICLE Source: Corless, I. B., Nicholas, P. K., McGibbon, C. A., Wilson, C, (2004). Weight change, body image, and quality of life in HIV disease: A pilot study. Applied Nursing Research 77(4), 292-6. Introduction The purpose of this pilot study [conducted by Corless and colleagues (2004)] was to investigate the relationships of weight change, body image, length of time with HIV/AIDS diagnosis, and quality of life in individuals with HIV disease (Corless et al., 2004, p. 292). The sample consisted of 40 subjects: 23 men and 17 women. The HIV-positive adults in a primary care clinic were asked to participate, so this study has a sample of convenience. The participants reported an increase in weight, greater than their ideal weight. The body image scores were found to be significantly higher for women, with the HIV-positive participants having slightly higher body image scores. A survey and Medical Outcomes Study-HIV (MOS-HIV) instruments were used as measurement methods for this study. The results indicated that when a persons weight is higher and closer to his or her ideal, HIV-positive individuals exhibit better quality of life. Thus, education of clinicians and individuals living with HIV/AI DS should focus on the assessment, management, and evaluation of weight change during the course of HIV disease (Corless et al., 2004, p. 292). Relevant Study Results The sample consisted of 23 men with a mean age of 42.2 years (SD = 8.2), length of time since diagnosis with HIV was 9.2 years (SD = 5.3); and 17 women with a mean age of 36.8 years (SD = 5.2), and length of time since diagnosis with HIV was 7.2 years (SD = 4.8). For men, 23 were HIV-positive and 9 had a diagnosis of AIDS; and for women, 17 were HIV positive, and 5 had a diagnosis of AIDS. There was no significant difference in demographic characteristics of the sample by age, gender, HIV disease status, and time living with HIV. Class: Name: Date: EXERCISE 18 Questions to be Graded 1. Assuming that the distribution is normal for weight relative to the ideal and 99% of the male participants scored between (-53.68, 64.64), where did 95% of the values for weight relative to the ideal lie? Round your answer to two decimal places. 2. Which of the following values from Table 1 tells us about variability of the scores in a distribution? a. 60.22 b. 11.94 c. 22.57 d. 53.66 3. Assuming that the distribution for General Health Perceptions is normal, 95% of the females scores around the mean were between what values? Round your answer to two decimal places. 4. Assuming that the distribution of scores for Pain is normal, 95% of the mens scores around the mean were between what two values? Round your answernto two decimal places. 5. Were the body image scores significantly different for women versus men? Provide a rationale for your 138 EXERCISE 18 Mean, Standard Deviation, and 95% and 99% of the Normal Curve 6. Assuming that the distribution of Mental Health scores for men is normal, where are 99% of the mens mental health scores around the mean in this distribution? Round your answer to two decimal places. 7. Assuming that the distribution of scores for Physical Functioning in women is normal, where are of the womens scores around the mean in this distribution? Round your answer to two decimal places. 8. Assuming that the distribution of scores is normal, 99% of HIV-positive body image scores around the mean were between what two values? Round your answer to two decimal places. 9. Assuming that the distribution of scores for Role Functioning is normal, 99% of the mens scores around the mean were between what values? Round your answer to two decimal places. 10. What are some of the limitations of this study that decrease the potential for generalizing the findings to the target population?

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Argumentative Essay: Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence

Our nation has changed over the years. There is no question about that. The generation that my grandfather grew up in during the 1930’s and 1940’s has often been called â€Å"The Greatest Generation† (Brokaw). Why is my generation not talked about for our inventions and advances in technology? Maybe that the downfall of our generation has been the media and the influence it has on the public? There is no doubt that the media can spin a story into a shocking and scary account produced solely on the intent to sell. This information force-fed to the public can cause fear and hatred to develop within our country and result in gun violence and bloodshed. One reason for the amount of youth violence in America is the violent content in many video games. The average adolescent spends a major part of the normal week watching or interacting with some form of the media’s products. Video games are one of these media based mediums and have become increasingly popular since the 1980’s. According to a report in Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, "Female gamers spent an average of 44 minutes playing on the weekdays and one hour and four minutes playing on the weekends, and male gamers spent an average of 58 minutes playing on the weekdays and one hour and 37 minutes playing on the weekends" ("Video Game Play Among Adolescents"). What can we understand from this evidence? The fact is that adolescents, male or female, are spending tremendous amounts of time each day sitting in front of a screen with a controller in hand. Although there is little evidence to conclude that violence in video games directly leads to adolescent gun violence, there are proven studies that show increased levels of anger and aggression in the human brain when... ...Federal Trade Commission. â€Å"Results of Nationwide Undercover Survey Released.† Oct. 2003. Mar. 2008. JAMA and Archives Journals. "Study Examines Video Game Play Among Adolescents." ScienceDaily 4 July 2007. 19 March 2008 . Kleck, Gary. â€Å"Targeting Firearms.† Aldine de Gruyter. 1997, pp. 94, 98-100 Mathews, Vincent.†Violent Video Games Poison the Teenage Brain: Study.† American School Board Journal. Feb2007, Vol. 194 Issue 2, p10-10 Norcia, Andrea. "The Impact of Video Games on Children." Palo Alto Medical Foundation Apr 2007 20 Mar 2008 . â€Å"Violent Video Games – Psychologists Help Protect Children from Harmful Effects.† Psychology Matters. Mar. 2008 Woodard, E.H. & Gridina, N. â€Å"Media in the Home 2000, The fifth annual survey of parents and children.† The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA. Feb 2001. 20 Mar 2008 .

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Book Report on Pigeons at Daybreak Essay

The story entitled â€Å"Pigeons at Daybreak† by Anita Desai of India is a representation of love and acceptance. Mr. Basu is the man who is unable to perform his task on his own because of the different illnesses that developed into his body. Otima, the wife of Mr. Basu has the selfless love towards him. She takes care of her husband despite of all the problems and complications that emerged in their situation. Otima used to read the newspaper for Mr. Basu. Because Mr. Basu could not able to read the newspaper due to poor eyesight, Otima produced deeper patience and love for her husband.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   From the time when their house had no electricity due to electric problems, the two went to the terrace and decided to stay there until the electricity comes back but when the electricity went back, Mr. Basu refused to go back inside the house for it was the time of preparation of leaving. Mr. Basu accepted the fact that his life will soon vanish and become part of heaven. The pigeons in the terrace where Mr. Basu died symbolize his spirit and his journey in the next life.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The story is simple yet attackable. Its tragic situation brought life to the whole story. Then, with a swirl and flutter of feathers, a flock of pigeons hurtled upwards and spread out against the dome of the sky – opalescent, sunlit, like small pearls (Desai 228). This ending part of the story compressed the entire claim of the story. It means that the ending of the story signifies life as its wondrous creation but soon will end because every one of us will leave the world in beauty and a new journey will begin. Reference Desai, A. (date). Pigeons at Daybreak. pp.220-228

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What Legacy Did Alexander the Great Leave Behind - 933 Words

Alexander the Great’s actions and decisions have significantly impacted upon the world during his time, ultimately leaving behind a legacy that can be affiliated with the westernization of the globe. He helped bring the western civilization, which included the scientific and liberal thinking of the Greeks to much of the rest of the world. He introduced a study of science for science’s sake to the nations and he is also considered as one of the most successful military commanders in history, for by the time of his death he had conquered most of the world known as Ancient Greece. However, his greatest achievement – which is to this day debated by scholars all over the globe – is his role in cultural diffusion. Contemporary scholars have†¦show more content†¦Alexander never wasted time. He always arrived before his enemies expected. His men followed him for more than 21,000 miles because they believed he had their best interests in mind. They always counted on him to lead them to victory after victory and he never failed. On the basis of military conquest, contemporary historians and especially those writing in Roman times who measured success by the number of human bodies left on the battlefield deemed him ‘great’. Professor Wright explains, â€Å"In the history of our European civilization four names stand out from all other: Alexander, Julius Caesar, Charles the Great, Napoleon. All four were so superior to the ordinary level of human capacity that they can hardly be judged by common standards. †¦ Alexander, both in his works and in his character, is entitled to the first place. †¦ He was the fine flower of Greek civilization †¦ the effects of his conquests in widening the horizon of men’s minds can only be compared with the discovery of America.† Before Alexander the world was a mesh of comparatively isolated and insular empires. After him, empires were no longer isolated and insular, they worked together more than before. It can be arguedShow MoreRelatedAlexander The Great : Legacy Of A Conqueror Essay915 Words   |  4 PagesWinthrop Lindsay Adams, the author of Alexander the Great: Legacy of a Conqueror, is a history professor at the university of Utah. Other than Alexander the Great: Legacy of a conqueror, Professor Adams has written other works, which include Sport, Spectacle and Society, Ancient Macedonia, Alexander s Successor to 221 B.C.E, Sport and Ethnicity in Ancient Macedonia, The Macedonian Wars, The Antigonids, and The Frontier Policy of Philip II. The author s typical style of writing is history, whichRead MoreAlexander the Great Essay1358 Words   |  6 PagesThe statue of a man who resembles the physical appearance of God leaves many to wonder the power and strength of such a person. Who can this god-like p erson be? What did he do to deserve to be portrayed in such an honorable way in the Greek society in the fourth century B.C? This statue is of a man named Alexander III of Macedon or more commonly known as, Alexander the Great. His father, King Phillip II, took the throne of Macedonia in 359 B.C.E and was able to turn Macedonia into the strongest militaryRead MoreHistory : The Ancient World1121 Words   |  5 PagesKiela DeVlaeminck Jason Schlude History 130: The Ancient World 7 October 2014 Great Empires What makes an empire â€Å"great†? Is an empire great because it encompasses a lot of land and people or is an empire great ultimately because of the legacy it leaves behind after the yearsAn Empire can be defined as, â€Å"A group of nations or peoples ruled over by an emperor, empress, or other powerful sovereign or government: usually a territory of greater extent than a kingdom, as the former British Empire,Read MoreHayden Hawkinson . Mrs. Heflin. English 6 - 6. March 2,1143 Words   |  5 PagesEnglish 6 - 6 March 2, 2017 Alexander the Great â€Å"I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.† Alexander the Great is the smartest and fiercest military leader that has ever lived. His military wisdom and fierceness led him to being a great leader of Greece, conquering all of Asia Minor, conquering the Persian empire, and ruling the biggest empire the world had ever seen before 334 BC. This led him to being a great Greek leader, being a fierceRead MoreFraming And Ratifying The Constitution1162 Words   |  5 PagesFathers did not trust common people with the power, yet did not want to break away from the monarchical system like that of England. This system remains intact today with the elections of 2000 and 2016 where they candidate who won the popular vote did not win the electoral vote and therefore did not win the presidency. Hamilton was a man of opinions and was not afraid to change his. Mere months after outlining and proposing a plan for the American government, Hamilton changes his opinion of what theRead More Physics of Aristotle Essay1394 Words   |  6 PagesThe great Greek thinker Aristotle was born in 384 B.C. in Stagirus, a city in ancient Macedonia in northern Greece. At the age of eighteen Aristotle went to Athens to begin his studies at Platos Academy. He stayed and studied at the Academy for nineteen years and in that time became both a teacher and an independent researcher. After Platos death in 347 B.C. Aristotle spent twelve years traveling and living in various places around the Aegean Sea. It was during this time that Aristotle was askedRead MoreThe Most Successful Empire: the Roman or the Mongol? Essay1259 Words   |  6 Pagesdead behind them and successfully becoming the civilization who had conquered the most land. Although both of the two empires were highly successful, but in my opinion, the Roman empire was more successful because they lasted much longer, was ruled by many successful and powerful leaders such as Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great, and also because it left behind many positive legacies that are still being used today. The Romans left behind a substantial amount of remarkable legacies that areRead MoreU.s. Army And The Civil War965 Words   |  4 Pagesproperty disputes, contracted labor systems and most importantly, maintained law and order. The violence that erupted in the South during the years of reconstruction was dreadful. With military occupation, white violence against blacks did not disappear but it did subside. Blair mentions, that â€Å"no matter how small the number of occupying soldiers, ex-Confederates and white supremacists invariably backed down whenever confronted by the army.† According to Blair, â€Å"Military force on a grand scaleRead MoreWilliam Wallace And The Scottish Knight Essay992 Words   |  4 Pagesproperty, and the pursuit of a better existence.† (Ryan, P.2) Sir William Wallace, a Scottish knight, was one of the main figureheads in Scotland’s fight for independence. Although Scotland is still united with England, Wales, and Northern Ireland in what is known today as the United Kingdom, it still is, technically, its own separate country; this was not always the case. In the late 12th century, Scotland was under complete rule by the English king, known as Edward â€Å"Long Shanks†. By the early 13thRead MoreThe Great Presidents By Woodrow Wilson Essay1281 Words   |  6 Pagesan agenda to accomplish and to leave a legacy behind, however, only few presidents are remembered, celebrated, and taught about. The history of great presidents often correlates to time of war for America. This is because great presidents often emerge to the people in times of crisis, such as wars. Of the many great presidents, Woodrow Wilson, offers unique qualities such as energy, intelligence, and leadership that make him a great president. The traits of a great president are beginning to be