Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources Essay

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources - Essay Example Evidently, the deterioration of human resources emanates from the negligence of human beings. Poor cultivation methods, pollution, and deforestation have all led to wastage of important resources. Since human beings are the major contributors to the destruction of natural resources, it is their commitment that is essential in preventing the problem. Therefore, the current crisis of natural resource is something that can be collectively blamed on human beings. The members of the public must work closely with the government in engaging innovative management of natural resources. In my opinion, I have always felt that the issues of sustainability are exaggerated and that the world is still a habitable place. My focus has been a short-term perception while overlooking the long-term consequences of failing to manage natural resources such as forests, land and water bodies. However, through my course, I have learned that the world is already in a crisis and the future holds a great danger for the survival of the society. For instance, the intergovernmental panel on climate change predicted that the glaciers at the Himalayas would melt by the year 2035. At the same time, the African countries are suffering from the shortage of water because of rivers drying due to increased temperatures. In addition, the cancer levels in the world are expected to rise due to increase in ultraviolet rays that are responsible for skin cancer. These projections point out that the global warming effects will penetrate deep into the future of the world and the consequences will be severe to the human population. Economically, the climate changes will result in a fall economic levels by about 0.5% to 2% across the world (Skinner 23-34). Surprisingly, I learned that human activities are responsible for all these harmful changes.  

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Effects of Technology on Advertising Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Effects of Technology on Advertising - Essay Example Advertisements are the main sources of revenue for the conventional or old media outlets. Old media refers to the basic media of mass communication which include television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. In radio and television, the cost of an advert is determined by the time the advert takes to run on air, the time of the day in which the advert is played, and more importantly, the coverage of the media. An international media outlet such as the BBC and the CNN charge higher especially for their prime time than local media, which would more often run adverts on local products. For newspapers and magazines, the price of the advert is determined by the paper space occupied by the advert. Full-page adverts are more expensive than mere columns of texts and graphics. Furthermore, newspapers charge on the importance of the page on which the advert is placed. The first pages are more costly than the inner hidden pages that not every reader would pay much attention to (Bogomolova, 2011) . Advertisements improve brand visibility thereby possibly improving sales of the product or dispensation of a service. Companies invest extensively in advertisements of their products and services. This is because advertisements form the basis of competition for companies operating in the manufacture or sales of similar products or provision of similar services. Before settling for the use of a particular media to run adverts, companies consider a number of factors which include costs and the effectiveness of advertising through the media. Not all companies would find essence in advertising in international media such as the BBC; smaller companies that produce and sell products in smaller geographical locations prefer the use of local media since they reach their target market unlike the CNN and the BBC. The region and scope of operation forms the greatest factor considered by most companies in search of advertisers. Cost affectivity is achieved when the amount invested in advertisem ents achieves the purpose by giving the brand the projected visibility in the market. Companies will always be willing to spend as much money as possible on advertisement provided the investment on advertisement resonates in improved visibility thereby improving the sale of their products (Frey, 1956). New Media New media is a phrase coined to refer to the use of the internet to gather, package, and distribute information to a large audience, which is synonymous to journalism. The advent of the internet literally transformed various aspects in reference to human life. Every industry got affected with the use of internet and the digital media. It introduced new concepts on the previously existing industries. In journalism and mass communication, the internet introduced the aspect of online journalism. Online journalism refers to the use of computer networks key among which is the internet in the gathering, packaging, or processing and the dissemination of information to an increasing ly computer literate audience. This new type of journalism influenced the previous old media by changing some of the rules of journalism that had determined news access and mass communication in general, which included advertisements as well. Among some of the key changes introduced by this new media include